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Physical Therapists in Portland OregonResearch shows that professionally prescribed exercise therapy can help treat and prevent pain associated with spine-related pain, osteoarthritis, shoulder/hip/knee pain, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions (Arch Phys Med Rehab 2014; Clin J Pain 2015). In fact, exercise therapy may reduce or even eliminate the need for pain medication (BMC Public Health 2015).

Perhaps it’s due to stronger and more flexible muscles. Maybe it’s from losing fat while improving endurance and coordination, or a psychological boost from being self-empowered from post-doctoral trained physical therapists. Whatever the reasons, our patients learn to self-manage symptoms while losing an average of 13 pounds and have their insurance cover the cost. How many physical therapy clinics can say that?

Our trusted physical therapists must meet rigorous c.h. Physical Therapy standards to provide consistent, high quality care at all of our clinics. In fact, c.h. Physical Therapy is the only Oregon-based physical therapy group to have a standardized, peer-reviewed, evidence-based exercise prescription training program for its physical therapists. This is crucial for credibility, given that physical therapy schools currently do not include standardized exercise prescription as part of training.

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