The c.h. Difference

Focused, professional physical therapy care c.h. physical therapists possess doctoral-level degrees with advanced training1 in exercise therapy, biomechanics and sports medicine.  This means you will receive the highest standard of professional care based on unique skills that will help you effectively deal with your health problem. Your care will never be delegated to an aide or assistant; you will always work directly with your highly trained physical therapist.

At every appointment, you will:

  • hear your name and be greeted with a smile
  • use your time effectively
  • be pushed (within limits, of course) by your physical therapist
  • gain confidence

follow url Providing exceptional customer service is our top priority.

dosing for levitra 1The Advanced Training Specialist (A.T.S.) course takes up to 2 weeks to complete and trains PTs at a level far above the industry standard in exercise therapy. Specifically, PTs learn how to apply biomechanics, sports medicine and neuroscience principles to exercise prescription in a manner that minimizes joint stress and time commitment yet maximizes therapeutic benefit, all of which are neglected in PT schools. The course has been taught multiple times through the American Physical Therapy Association, Oregon Physical Therapy Association and American Council on Exercise. To our knowledge, we are the only PT clinic in Oregon with this level of required training.

buy viagra now online Let’s Talk About Your Physical Therapy Needs

follow link We’d like to put together a custom plan for you. Just call or email us with your physical therapy needs and we’ll get started today! A referral is usually not required.

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