Post-Operative Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

cialis e generico The goal after surgery is to return to normal functioning as quickly as possible, which is extremely difficult to do without post-operative physical therapy.

buy no rx cialis Post-Operative Rehabilitation Physical Therapy in Portland, OregonAt c.h. Physical Therapy in Portland, we design physical therapy plans for post-operative patients. You can rest assured knowing your plan is customized to your needs and goals.

Our Post-Operative Patients

go Our physical therapists help patients who have undergone all types of surgical procedures.  The most common surgeries we see post-operatively include:

  • ACL reconstructions
  • Joint replacements
  • Spinal surgeries
  • Hip replacements and other hip operations
  • Shoulder replacements and other shoulder operations
  • Foot and ankle surgeries

viagra generico 100 mg italia pagamento online a Venezia A hallmark of our program is close connection with your surgeon and primary care doctor, which facilitates consistent progress during the post-op period.

The Benefits of Post-Op PT

enter site Not every patient who is post-surgery has the same needs, so we customize our programs to fit the circumstances of each patient. No matter your starting point, you will see improvements in:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Energy
  • Sleep pattern
  • Mobility

acquistare levitra originale garanzia Research shows that patients who undertake post-surgery PT programs focused on exercise therapy heal faster, see a reduction in pain more quickly and have better long-term outcomes (Arch Phys Med Rehab 2008, 2011; Phys Ther 2001, 2013; JBJS 2009). Even if your doctor did not prescribe physical therapy, you can still experience its benefits as a referral may not be required.

What to Expect for Post-Surgery Physical Therapy

We work with you to develop a rehab program that you can do at home after surgery and for the rest of your life. We help you correctly learn exercises, stretches and movements to minimize pain and maximize effectiveness. If an exercise causes discomfort or swelling, we’ll adjust it.

We are here to meet you where you are and help you go where you want to be.

Cost of Physical Therapy

Patients are often concerned about the cost of physical therapy, especially if their surgeon or physician did not refer them. We work with many private and employment-based insurance plans as well a Medicare and Medicaid to make sure our patients receive the PT benefits they need after an operation.

Learn How We Can Help After Surgery

Movement and exercise is an important part of recovering from surgery quickly. Find out how we can design a custom post-operative physical therapy plan. Call c.h. Physical Therapy at (503) 601-9000 or use our online form to schedule an appointment.

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We’d like to start putting together a custom plan for you. Just call or email us with your physical therapy requirements and we’ll get started today!

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