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We help children from the age of 10 to begin exercises that address obesity, chronic pain (especially of the back and knees), diabetes and other developmental challenges.  More pediatricians than ever are beginning to realize that exercise therapy is an effective treatment for children.  Exercise therapy from a licensed physical therapist is covered by insurance, and pediatricians are using it to treat chronic health problems in children.

We involve parents in the exercise treatments of their children whenever possible, as this may help facilitate success. (Int J Ped Obes 2008).  Many moms and dads have their own aches and pains and we encourage them to enroll in exercise therapy when they bring their children to the clinic. This shows the child that mom or dad is willing to work as a partner to improve the health and well being of the family.  In these cases we schedule the parent at the same time as the child but with a different physical therapist.

The priorities in designing exercises for children are brevity and enjoyment.  The physical therapist will create a simple but effective program to improve strength, flexibility and endurance along with recommendations for a healthy diet.  This can be very effective when treating children with chronic health problems such as obesity, knee pain, diabetes and back pain. (Circulation 2005).

Our physical therapists work closely with your physician to ensure uninterrupted and consistent care.  Our services are covered by insurance, including Medicare and Family Care.

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