Physical Therapy for Obesity

Obesity Management & Weight Loss Programs Designed for You If you struggle with your weight, you may have tried all sorts of diets and weight loss methods promising incredible results that never worked for you. Did you shed some pounds only to gain it all back? Or maybe, you never saw the results.

dove comprare viagra generico 200 mg a Milano Think about this: is your weight causing other health issues and pain? If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to take control of your weight to fight against diabetes, joint pain, and the other issues stemming from obesity, c.h. Physical Therapy in Portland is here for you.

We Specialize in Obesity Management Here at c.h. Physical Therapy, we are the only physical therapy group in Oregon specializing in obesity management. Our team of highly experienced therapists will work with you to understand your history/goals and design a customized plan.

Personalized Guided Exercise and Diet Programs Sustainable weight loss comes with a healthy diet and effective exercise. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Then why do so many people struggle? It’s often because they lack support and encouragement needed to stick with a diet and exercise regime. That’s what makes c.h. Physical Therapy different. Our physical therapists don’t just tell you to eat more vegetables. We design exercise plans you can do at home or at a gym and provide basic eating guidelines that are sustainable, encourage variety and follow recommendations by the American Dietic Association. We’re here to support you throughout your weight loss journey.

A Weight Loss Success Story Watch this video to see one client tell his incredible story of weight loss through our program.

Get More Out of Your Treatment

clomid price in mercury drug philippines suki Our weight-loss-focused physical therapy programs are covered by many major insurance plans, so don’t let cost stand in the way of a healthier life. We’ll work closely with your physician to ensure uninterrupted and consistent care. Want a lot more than a personal trainer? Turn to us.

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Get a weight loss plan customized to your needs. To schedule your initial evaluation, contact an office near you today to get started on a journey toward a healthier you. Let’s Talk About Your Weight Problem

We’d like to start putting together a custom plan for you. Just call or email us with your physical therapy requirements and we’ll get started today!

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