Physical Therapy for Obesity

If you have legal problems, you hire a lawyer.  If your teeth hurt, you go to the dentist.  But what do you do if you have a weight problem?

A sound diet and exercise are known to be the only effective, long-term solution to obesity, but where do you find credible guidance?  Going to a gym and following one’s own program can be risky. It’s also hard to know the correct way to perform exercises without wasting time and getting hurt. Hiring personal trainers can be expensive and risky, since they can unintentionally injure clients due to the absence of standardized education and regulation in personal training.

c.h. Physical TherapySM fills this void.

c.h. Physical TherapySM is currently the only physical therapy group in Oregon that specializes in obesity management.  We design exercise plans that can be done daily at home or in a health club and are “calorie expensive”, which means emphasizing major muscle groups (thighs, back, and chest), using multi-joint exercises (squat, lat pulldown) with therapeutic intensity.  Such exercises may burn a higher number of calories than do other forms of exercise because they use the larger muscle groups simultaneously.  We also help patients develop healthy eating habits by encouraging consumption of lean protein, fruits/vegetables, whole-grains, legumes, fish, nuts and plenty of water.

Our physical therapists work closely with your physician to ensure uninterrupted and consistent care.  Our services are covered by insurance, including Medicare and Family Care.

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