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click Geriatric Physical Therapist in Portland, OregonWhen we’re young, most of us take for granted actions like running, walking and standing. We don’t give much thought to falling, and we don’t anticipate osteoporosis, arthritis and balance issues. After all, we dream of a healthy future.

finpecia miracle drugs But as we age, the body’s systems start to falter. It’s more difficult for the body to identify its own position, tougher for it to detect gravity, and it becomes demanding to stay balanced and upright. This age-related decline in our bodies leads to more falls and it challenges our strength and mobility. As we age, falls and accidents can impact our quality of life. According to the CDC, more than 50 percent of adults 80 or older fall every year. In fact, an older adult falls every second and dies every 20 minutes due to injuries from a fall.

get link You do not have to become a statistic. Work with our team to gain strength and confidence in your mobility again, as exercise has been shown to be the most effective way to combat age-related health problems.

Seeking Help With Exercise, Balance & Mobility?

get link At Portland-based c.h. Physical Therapy, we’re happy to offer balance training to older adults. Our physical therapists specialize in fall prevention and treatment by addressing the four key balance systems:

  • Vision
  • Vestibular (inner ear)
  • Somatosensory (receptors throughout the brain/body)
  • Musculoskeletal

propecia online pharmacy uk pharmacist Our therapy seeks not only to improve your dynamic balance, but also incorporates lifestyle improvements to achieve effective long-term outcomes.

For example, if you struggle with weight, we can help create an age-appropriate diet and exercise plan along with your balance training.

Our physical therapists have more formal training in exercise therapy than any other clinic in Oregon.

What Exercises Might Be Included?

Know this: c.h. Physical Therapy in Portland will tailor balance training to your specific needs. Here are a few “traditional” examples of exercises that can be beneficial for anyone:

  • follow link Head rotations: standing with your feet slightly apart and holding on to a wall for stability, move your head slowly side to side and up and down while keeping your body as still as you can. Do it for 30 seconds, then repeat. If you get dizzy, stop.
  • propecia causes sterility Single-leg stands:  standing with your feet slightly apart and holding on to a wall for stability, lift one foot an inch off the floor. Keep your torso straight and don’t lean toward your planted foot. Hold for 10-15 seconds, then slowly put your foot back on the floor. Perform five stands on each leg.
  • Foot taps:  stand in front of the bottom step of a staircase with your feet slightly apart and hold onto the wall for stability. Slowly raise one foot and tap it on the top of the step, then slowly return it to the floor. Do this 15-20 times, then repeat on the opposite leg.

You Deserve the Best Treatment Available

Our services are in-network with many insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid. We will work with your doctor(s) to make sure any therapy you receive is in line with their recommendations. We would love to show you what physical therapy can do for your life.

Schedule an Initial Evaluation to Discuss Your Personalized Therapy Plan

Our team loves working with older adults to help improve overall health and lifestyle. Learn how our exercise therapy programs can be tailored to help you. Schedule your evaluation today with one of our Portland-area physical therapists.

what are the ingredients of pfizer viagra Let’s Talk About Geriatrics

We’d like to start putting together a custom plan for you. Just call or email us with your physical therapy requirements and we’ll get started today!

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