Physical Therapy for Cardiac Rehabilitation

sexual side effects of accutane If you had a heart attack or other cardiac event, your doctor will prescribe cardiac rehabilitation. The long-term success of a cardiac therapy program depends on your willingness to continue with cardiac rehab, usually for life. 

Cardiac Rehab Stages There are generally four stages in cardiac rehabilitation. Stage 1 begins when you are still in the hospital and focuses on evaluating your ability to perform self-care activities such as bathing, dressing, exercising and lifting. Stage 1 may also involve healthy lifestyle and diet counseling.

viagra alternative drugs for flovent Stage 2 involves exercising in an inpatient/outpatient program that allows medical personnel to monitor your progress. Stage 2 usually takes place at a rehab center or home, in which staff will determine how exercise affects your heart.

follow Stages 3 and 4 involve ongoing exercise planning and progression along with meeting dietary goals. It is in these stages that c.h. Physical Therapy is involved, as we help ensure that the program you are following meets your needs and is something you are willing to continue click for life.

Helping You Build on Initial Stages of Cardiac Rehab At c.h. Physical Therapy in Portland, our therapists customize your exercise program so that it can be done at home, a health club or gym. We teach you to monitor your exercise intensity, so you make progress without experiencing excessive fatigue or injury. We teach you how to stretch properly to avoid injuries and our physical therapists coordinate with your cardiologist to obtain follow-up ECGs and other tests to ensure progress is smooth and safe.

Benefits of Ongoing Cardiac Rehab The benefits of regular exercise, in general, are well-known, but exercise is essential for patients with heart conditions. With our customized cardiac rehab programs, you can expect benefits such as:

  • Improved strength
  • A better understanding of heart-healthy behavior that includes regular exercise, a healthy diet and smoking cessation
  • Weight loss and management skills
  • Understanding the role of stress in heart disease and how to manage it
  • Reducing risk of coronary artery disease and other heart conditions

source url Our services are covered by most private and employer plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid. While we do not require a doctor referral, we prefer to have one to optimize safety and progress.

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