Physical Therapy for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Returning to a normal life after a cardiac event can be scary due to the fear of another cardiac episode.  After the initial cardiac episode, patients usually begin Stage 1 cardiac rehabilitation while in the hospital.  The goal of this stage is to help the patient regain the ability to perform self-care activities (e.g., bathing and dressing), daily activities, exercise and make lifestyle changes.  Stage 2 focuses on making a smooth transition to home and includes further self-care and exercise.

Patients are often discharged from the hospital and expected to manage on their own.  This can be potentially catastrophic, because they often need help to make the lifestyle changes necessary to improve their health and avoid further cardiac events.

We pick up where Stage 2 cardiac rehabilitation ends.  We design a customized exercise/lifestyle program that can be done at home or in a health club.  Most importantly, we teach you to monitor your exercise intensity so that you make progress without excessive fatigue, which can be a challenge for most cardiac rehabilitation programs. (J Rehab Med 2015).  Patients also learn how to stretch correctly, increase their endurance and strength and to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.  The physician may also request a follow up ECG (electrocardiogram) to check the heart.

Our physical therapists work closely with your physician to ensure uninterrupted and consistent care.  Our services are covered by insurance, including Medicare and Family Care.

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