Chronic pain of the low back, shoulder, hip, knee and foot/ankle

Chronic pain is usually caused by faulty movement habits as a result of muscle weakness and/or tightness. You’ll learn innovative ways to strengthen, stretch and improve endurance so that your exercise therapy relieves symptoms. This will take time, but the long-term results are well worth it!

Arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis)

Before having your joint replaced, try us.  Strengthening and stretching muscles around a joint can dramatically decrease pain and improve function, but it must be done right.  Not sure?  Ask us a question!

Post-operative spine, shoulder, knee, hip, foot/ankle

Working closely with our highly trained physical therapists after surgery can decrease pain and get you back to life!

Geriatrics (e.g., balance problems, osteoporosis)

Falling often?  Low bone density?  Feeling slow and weak?  These are not “normal” parts of aging!  We specialize in working 1-on-1 with older adults to improve balance, bone density, flexibility and strength.


Many of today’s children are facing a new battle that can cause serious health problems (both physically and mentally): obesity.  Our form of physical therapy teaches children/adolescents how to exercise safely and effectively while working with parents to improve eating habits. Yes, this service is covered by insurance.


Working with your doctor, we’ll help you start moving safely and efficiently to gradually reduce pain and improve function.

Joint replacement recovery

Absence of pain following joint replacement surgery does not mean you won’t have functional deficits later in life. Studies show that professionally prescribed and supervised exercise therapy following knee or hip replacement can reduce functional limitations, pain and health care costs1-7.  This is a covered service under Medicare and most private insurance plans.


Yes, obesity!  Currently, we are the only PT clinic in Oregon with this specialty and it’s based on our company’s required post-doctoral training in exercise and nutrition for all PTs prior to starting work.  Covered under insurance (including Medicare), you’ll learn how rev up your metabolism so you can shed 2-3 pounds per week using scientific methods we’ve used since 2001.


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