What does “c.h.” stand for?

go to site “Complete health”.

I have questions about c.h. services.  Whom do I call?

follow link Click here or call (503) 601.9000 (no solicitations, please).

How do I set up an appointment?

see Click here or call (503) 601.9000.

What should I wear to my physical therapy appointments?

click here Comfortable clothes (e.g., shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes) and please bring a sweat towel.

Is there a place to shower after my appointments?

20mg levitra Yes, but please bring your own bath towel.

I’ve had physical therapy before and it wasn’t helpful.  How are you different?

see url Without knowing the type of physical therapy you had, it’s impossible to compare.  However, “traditional” outpatient physical therapy often includes considerable passive treatments (e.g., ultrasound, hot packs, massage), which aren’t supported by research to help chronic conditions.  Our focus is teaching you safe movement mechanics to control the cause of your pain.  Therefore, most of your treatment will involve careful muscle retraining, stretching and endurance exercise under the watchful eye of a highly skilled physical therapist.  We occasionally use manual therapy (i.e., skilled hand techniques) and certain modalities to supplement your program, but they are not the focus of treatment.  When requested, we can also help you develop healthier eating habits to promote recovery, fat loss and endurance.

I’d like to come for physical therapy, but I don’t have a referral.  Do I need one?

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=levitra-prescription-on-line Under Oregon law, you do not need a referral but your insurance may require one.  Thus, we recommend getting a physical therapy referral from your doctor, who may fax the referral to the office you plan to visit.

I’d like to come for physical therapy, but my doctor doesn’t think it will help and won’t refer. What can I do?

Doctors often have misconceptions about physical therapy based on prior negative experiences.  Have your doctor call our main line (503) 601-9000 so we can explain.  If he/she refuses, email us your doctor’s name and phone number and we’ll contact him/her.  If your doctor refuses to talk to us, get a second opinion.

How long will I be in physical therapy?

On average, we see patients twice per week for 2 months.  Your treatment schedule may be shorter or longer depending on your health problem.

Do you take worker’s compensation and motor vehicle accident cases?


I’d like to do physical therapy in addition to chiropractic.  Is this OK?

Yes.  We work with chiropractors who appreciate our exercise-based approach, which usually complements their plan of care.

What’s the difference between physical therapy and personal training?

A lot!

Physical therapy is for people with a medical condition that’s causing problems in daily life.  For example, if you have chronic low back pain, you qualify for physical therapy and it will likely be covered by your insurance. Further, to become a physical therapist you must complete high school, 7 additional years of college and pass a State Board exam.  Physical therapists are regulated by the State to maintain ethical and legal standards.

On the contrary, personal training is for those without a medical problem and want guidance on achieving basic fitness (e.g., fat loss, strength).  For example, if you want to lose 30 pounds of fat, personal training may be helpful.  To be a personal trainer, no formal training is required.  Unfortunately, some personal trainers claim to perform “rehab” on people with health issues, which is both unethical and potentially dangerous because trainers are not held accountable by a State Board to protect you from injury.

Consequently, everyone qualifies for personal training but only those with a medical problem qualify for physical therapy.  If you’re not sure if you qualify for physical therapy, please ask us a question directly.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=cialis-generico-10-mg-online Let’s Talk About Your Physical Therapy Needs

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