Leg Curl

The difficulty performing the leg curl exercise lies in maintaining trunk position, as there’s a strong tendency to arch your back (which places extra stress on your spine).

This exercise targets your hamstring and abdominal muscles.

Maintain position of your trunk during the exercise to facilitate muscle activation and joint protection.

If you’ve had a low back injury, this is a highly advanced exercise that shouldn’t be performed until later in physical therapy.

Starting Position

Lie down on your stomach and make sure your knee caps aren’t touching the pad. Pull your shoulder blades back but do not arch your back. Next, pull your belly inward away from your pant line.


While maintaining trunk position, bend your knees until the contraction of your hamstrings stops motion, then almost extended your knees completely.

Repeat as directed by your physical therapist.

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We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to perform any of our exercises without formal training from our physical therapists so as to avoid potential injury. The exercises shown have specific purpose and yield benefits when performed in conjunction with a complete therapy program that is customized to each patient. The only way this can be initiated is through an initial evaluation.

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