Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical Therapy Exercise Video Library Exercising based on sound orthopedic principles can be difficult but is critical to maximizing your results and staying safe. This video library below was created to help c.h. Physical Therapy patients learn the right way to do key physical therapy exercises. It’s not a complete list of all the exercises we teach, but it’s a great way to refresh your memory at home.

levitra canadian Please remember not to attempt any exercise at home without training from our Portland area physical therapists. These exercises each have a specific purpose and are part of a larger plan that is customized for you. The only way to get the true benefit is to work with us directly.

viagra generico 200 mg miglior prezzo pagamento online a Bologna c.h. Physical Therapy is the only physical therapy clinic that offers standardized, peer-reviewed, evidence-based exercise prescription training programs. The programs were designed over 25 years based on evidence from countless patients.

Upper Body Exercises

Lower Body Exercises

Trunk and Core Exercises

cialis generico 60 mg Having coordinated “core” muscles can have a huge effect on your overall health, as they form a platform for moving your arms and legs. Developing your core coordination is often essential to relieving back pain and other health issues.

Stretches Daily stretching is critical for your health, especially if you have osteoarthritis and/or chronic pain. When you stop stretching, you lose flexibility and this can lead to painful joints, slower movements and other problems.


follow In addition to physical therapy exercises, you’ll want to check out these videos with other tips, nutrition guidance, patient testimonials and more.

Talk With Us. Schedule an Evaluation. Thinking about making these exercises part of your physical therapy program? Schedule an initial evaluation today so we can create one for you. Just schedule an evaluation to get started today.

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