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lose_the_waitLose the Wait

viagra generico 100 mg prezzo Intended for general consumer wanting a basic understanding of safe and effective exercise and sports nutrition. This book is a practical tool containing over a hundred photos complete with detailed descriptions of exercises (for both home and health club), followed by a step-by-step eating plan geared towards fat loss and optimum recovery.


ats_textbookA.T.S. Textbook

viagra cialis online australia pharmacy Intended for the health professional (e.g., PT, MD, FNP) studying exercise science/medicine, the A.T.S. textbook is evidence-based and geared towards safe and efficient exercise (especially resistance training) based on applied physics, anatomy and other sciences. The book also delves into the science of effective program design for special populations, optimum sports nutrition and critically reviews the literature on popular supplements and fad diets.


tfs_season1T.F.S. Season 1 Highlights

click here This comprehensive 104-minute, 2-DVD set contains the highlights from season 1 of “The Fitness Show”, such as how to overcome excuses and exercise demonstrations for the flat bench dumbbell press, lunge, hip abduction, incline dumbbell row, biceps cable curl, triceps pushdown, stationary bike, posture improvement, body squat, leg curl, leg extension, barbell squat, leg press, bench dip, incline dumbbell press and French press. ┬áColin also delves into motivational techniques for fat loss & muscle strength, the 5-step eating plan, the difference between exercise and physical activity, dealing with low back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis. ┬áThere’s also footage of Colin’s wife engaging in exercise while pregnant, as well as ordering healthy while eating at a restaurant.

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