Mall 205 Physical Therapists

Mall 205 Physical Therapy Clinic in Southeast Portland, Oregon

Inside Eastside Clinic of c.h. Physical Therapy Outside of c.h. Physical Therapy in Eastside Portland, Oregon. c.h. Physical Therapy

1034 SE 96th Ave
Portland, OR 97216

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(503) 546-7640

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Mon-Thur. 7am – 6pm Fri. 7am – 2:30pm For our residents looking for treatment in the Mall 205 area, c.h. Physical Therapy in Portland has a location just west of Mall 205 on SE 96th Avenue and north of SE Main Street. Our clientele includes all age groups given that exercise therapy can make a difference at any age, regardless of health status.

Of course, our physical therapists in Portland are required to have at least a master’s degree in PT, two years fitness experience, exceptional bedside manner and established personal fitness habits – all in addition to advanced training in exercise therapy.

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source url New patients: To save time at your first appointment, fill out and print the NEW PATIENT PAPERWORK.

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