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How Physical Therapy Increases Strength

You may have thought, “I wish I were stronger” because you were having difficulty doing something, such as opening a… Read more »

Why Physical Therapy After Surgery

How Physical Therapy Reduces Joint Pain and Stiffness

Your kids keep bugging you to come out and play basketball with them, but you keep using the same excuse:… Read more »

What’s Wrong with Damian Lillard’s Right Leg?

Something is not right with Damian Lillard’s right leg.  Lillard missed five games after injuring his right hamstring in a… Read more »


Why Are Sports Injuries So Common?

Injuries are part of sports. Always have been, always will be. But do they have to happen all at once?… Read more »


How Long Will Justin Herbert be Out?

The Oregon Ducks football team has been forced to be resilient early in the season in the face of several… Read more »


What Physical Therapy Does

If you were to ask 10 patients what physical therapy does, you will likely get 10 different answers because physical… Read more »

What to do When Physical Therapy Hurts

What to do When Physical Therapy Hurts

As you lie comfortable on your back on a treatment table, your physical therapist turns your head to the right… Read more »

Are Physical Therapy Exercises Supposed to Hurt-thumb

How Physical Therapy Can Help Reduce Opioid Use

Locally, the Oregon Health Authority states that “unintentional opioid-related overdose is one of Oregon’s leading causes of injury mortality”. Nationally,… Read more »

Why Physical Therapy Before Surgery

Why Physical Therapy Before Surgery

Traditionally, before surgery, people are asked to make basic lifestyle enhancements like stopping alcohol or smoking, reducing saturated fat/salt and/or… Read more »


Why Physical Therapy for Older Adults

Top five reasons grandma should visit a physical therapist: Reduce fall risk (J Geriatrics 2003, 2016, 2017) Improve bone density… Read more »

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