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Our Specialties:

Physical Therapy in Portland, Oregon

Physical Therapy

As licensed physical therapists, our skills focus on helping patients feel empowered. Whether the patient is recovering from surgery or fighting chronic pain, we will customize an exercise therapy plan that will exceed expectations.

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Chronic Pain Treatment in Portland, Oregon

Chronic Pain

Helping patients overcome chronic pain is one of our top specialties. Our advanced training in exercise prescription is unparalleled in the physical therapy industry.

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Arthritis Rehabilitation in Portland, Oregon

Arthritis Rehabilitation

The most common arthritic body regions we see are knee, hip and shoulder. When done properly, strengthening and stretching exercises help reduce arthritis pain by redistributing forces across joints.

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Post-Operative Rehabilitation in Portland, Oregon

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

ACL reconstruction, joint replacement, spine, hip, shoulder and foot/ankle are the most common post-operative conditions we see. We will work closely with the surgeon to ensure proper protocol is followed and consistent progress is made.

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Cardiac Rehabilitation in Portland, Oregon

Cardiac Rehabilitation

We pick up where Stage 2 cardiac rehabilitation leaves off. Our focus is developing a customized exercise/lifestyle program that can be done at home or a health club.

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Pediatrics in Portland, Oregon


We help children beginning at the age of 10 develop an exercise plan to address obesity, chronic pain (especially of the back and knees) and other developmental challenges.

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Obesity Treatment in Portland, Oregon


Our goal is to set up a “calorically expensive” exercise plan that can be done daily at home or a health club, which means we emphasize major muscle groups coupled with tolerable intensity.

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Geriatric treatment in Portland, Oregon


Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, poor balance, vestibular disorders and arthritis are the most common diagnoses we see in older adults. Balance training is often the focus, with an emphasis on strengthening, stretching, endurance exercise and proprioception development.

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Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Portland, Oregon

Chronic Kidney Disease

People with chronic kidney disease need exercise therapy in order to offset effects of this potentially devastating health problem. We help these patients develop a strengthening, stretching and endurance training program that can be continued after discharge.

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Neurology in Portland, Oregon


Patients with neurology-related problems such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, ALS, stroke and restless leg syndrome may benefit from exercise therapy that boosts function and reduces symptoms.

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Personal Trainers in Portland, Oregon

Personal Training

For $80 per session, training clients learn from a highly trained Doctor of Physical Therapy on how to exercise with maximum safety and efficiency. Each session includes strengthening, stretching, endurance exercise and basic dietary assistance for fat loss and fitness enhancement.

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