Chronic Pain

Helping patients overcome chronic pain is one of our specialties. Proper exercise should be the basis in treating chronic pain, and our advanced training1 in exercise prescription is unparalleled in the world of physical therapy.  Patients learn to manage their pain by using movements that protect sensitive areas, which can potentially reduce the need for medication and surgery (Jeong UC et al. J Phys Ther Sci 2016).


According to research, chronic back pain is usually caused by over stressing the spine with unsafe movements and/or lack of movement during daily activities. (Dionne CE et al. Spine 2008).  During the initial evaluation (picture at right), our physical therapist determines the main causes of your pain, such as weakness, tightness and/or lack of coordination and designs treatments to correct them.  This information is then sent to your doctor.

Fibromyalgia is another condition that we treat regularly.  This health problem can be difficult to manage because each person may have unique symptoms.  Most patients with fibromyalgia don’t exercise because it’s painful, but the pain may be actually be caused by unsafe and/or inappropriate exercises. (Morris LD et al. J Phys Ther Sci 2015).  Treatment of fibromyalgia requires the right exercises performed at the appropriate intensity and with proper technique to minimize joint stress. (Ellingson LD et al. Brain Sci 2016).  The initial physical therapy examination helps us establish a safe starting point for exercise and your physical therapist will explain in detail how your treatment plan can reduce symptoms for the long-term.

Our physical therapists work closely with your physician to ensure uninterrupted and consistent care.  Our services are covered by insurance, including Medicare and Family Care.

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